What is yours? Make or buy, in- or outsource? Local, regional or global? Per business unit or central corporate?

We support our customers’ goal and strategy definition for systems and providers globally. In full alignment with your corporate goals we create the blueprint to satisfy today’s and tomorrow’s pay and time requirements in the best way.
This includes full absorption of requirements and dependencies, qualified guidance with choosing products and partners, as well as validation of business cases including detailed financial and non-financial impact analysis and evaluation. We work with HR, IT and Finance up to C-Level to enable transparent and high value decisions.

This is what we do:

  • Content and strategic analysis
  • Preparation of relevant scenarios
  • Evaluation of options
  • Preparation of decision-memo and creation of the framework for anticipatory decisions

Project “Secure strategic market leadership”

A global leader thinks about the restructuring of its software and services portfolio. LKPU Payroll is mandated with the analysis, assessment and preparation of specific options for action. As a result the basis of decision for a new business model is ready.

  • LKPU Consultants: 3
  • Team: 12 people
  • Skills: Analysis, Courses of action, Evaluation, Decision making, Senior management communication
  •  Duration: 2 months

Are you supported by the best combination of system, provider and service level when it comes to Payroll and T&A?

Much can be gained from the right choice of pay and time systems and providers: Direct and indirect cost increase, automation, lower error-rate, ad-hoc reports, provider performance control and last but not least a fun to work with application. How do you make the right choice?

We enable you to prepare complete requirement specifications including determination of desired service levels. And support by preparation and execution of complex, cross-border Request for Information, Quotation and Proposal. Based on their evaluation and our knowledge of the market, we structure and support the decision-making process up to the required level.

Once a selection is made, the contract must be created and negotiated. With knowledge for national, regional and global solutions and players, we assist your HR, Legal and Procurement in contract structuring and creation, assure the required service is included at favorable conditions and pitfalls are avoided. The negotiation of Master Service Agreements, Statements of Work, Service Description, Service Level Agreements, and Rate Cards – including Transitional Services in M&A Scenarios – is part of our expertise.

Project “Global Payroll / T&A strategy and RFP”

For a Chemicals group with 60 bn annual turnover, LKPU Payroll has supported the global target and strategy definition as well as the full RFP process incl. preparation, execution and board reporting, evaluation including Business Case, contract end SLA set-up and negotiation.

  • LKPU Consultants: 5
  • Team: 20 people
  • Skills: RFP, Design of contract and SLA, negotiations, decision making, Senior Management communication
  • Duration: 6 months
pexels-photo-726233 2

Pay and time setup is the decisive phase to determine any implementations long-tail success. Make sure to go live with a high quality implementation and integration.

This means that this initial phase is crucial in defining ease and gain of daily operations for good. Strangely enough, implementation is often left to old and new provider, neglecting use case-based testing and quality control – and no fallback in place. Serious underachievement, budget overruns, frustrated personnel, and disputes with the provider can lead to roll-backs, repeated provider changes, financial loss and organizational underperformance.

At LKPU Payroll we believe that successful implementation requires professional attention. This is why we offer implementation preparation and execution support. This is why we manage specialized customer resources efficiently and assure only a quality solution to be signed-off and go live. This is why LKPU Payroll support includes essential aspects of any pay or time implementation:

  • Requirement analysis and documentation (IREB standard)
  • Provider management including contract adherence and quality control
  • Project management and reporting
  • Stakeholder, risk- and issue management
  • Test management, execution, formal sign-off and issue management
  • Organizational alignment including roles and responsibilities, decentralized or in in shared service centers
  • Process design, documentation and implementation
  • Integration with complementary applications, processes, and services

Project “Rapid payroll provider switch APAC”

For a Petrochemicals company, LKPU Payroll has supported the implementation and migration of four APAC legal entities’ payroll in three months. This included the data carve out and subsequent cleaning against a hard rupture of service M&A deadline.

  • LKPU Consultants: 5
  • Team: 25 people
  • Skills: Project management, provider management, test management
  • Duration: 4 months

Interfaces to HCM, pensions, treasury and accounting are critical – and mostly of low interest. But missing documentation and disappearing experts are major risks. Are you capable to move when change hits?

Payroll interfaces are critical – and of low interest if everything runs. This changes rapidly if transparency is required. Missing documentation and disappearing experts are major risks when interfaces must be touched as part of updates and releases, application replacements or new requirements. We experience these issues regularly, for example when supporting harmonization. To assure smooth integration with human capital management, pensions, treasury and accounting, we support interface design and optimization, as well as formal specification and documentation. Our optimization includes interface landscape reduction and performance monitoring.

Project “Payroll”

Within a German television company, the change of a payroll system was on hazard after the last license renewal which included the payroll for 14.000 employees. LKPU Payroll managed to achieve important decisions at management level, bring back the team spirit and management capabilities – with a pragmatic and fast approach. The core functions of the system went live on time – and the roadmap for necessary rework were on the table.

  • LKPU Consultants: 5
  • Team: 70 people
  • Skills: Crisis management, Project management, Vendor management, Requirements and Test management
  • Vendors: 4

Harmonizing payroll and T&A – or simply switching the provider – is an important step towards becoming a high performing company.

What’s your situation? As a company you might want to consolidate and harmonize systems and providers, nationally, regionally or across the globe. You are stuck in transformation and you need a turn-around as time is running up. Or your system is simply running out of service sooner than prepared for. As a service provider, you manage your application portfolio actively and want to consolidate your customers. Whatever the challenge, migration is the easy part in any application or provider change: extract, transfer, load – and run? Unluckily it takes more to tango. Scope the migration: differentiate between data and rules. Assure data integrity, security, quality, format etc. Let us organize, minimize risks, protect resources, align organisation and processes for a noiseless transition.

Project “Mass Migration just before Sunset”

For the market-leading provider of a Payroll software switching off the platform was clear at the end. After an extension for one year there were still 1.000 customers to be migrated 8 months before sunset. A serious dispute with a major external Migrateur escalated to a crisis. LKPU Payroll was mandated with the program management and led the migration to an end.

  • LKPU Consultants: 4
  • Team: 50 people
  • Skills: Program management, Vendor management
  • Vendors: 6

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