LKPU measures its success based on one factor: the success of your payroll and T&A.

That’s why we are result oriented, neutral, transparent and proactive – or not at all.

What is your goal?

You know your goal and have ideas for realization. How do you create the conditions of achievement? With whom do you engage? How do you prepare? Also, how do you manage resources, expectations and risks?

Clear Vision!

We consolidate and structure information, ensure consistency and transparency. We evaluate neutrally and present the best options to help you make the correct decisions.

Decide & act

A few measures already guarantee success – with consistent implementation. Together we’ll form a professional team with the required expertise, motivation and discipline, from the beginning to end.

Our Principles

Our added value, for you, is deep payroll experience paired with hard work. Performance, competence, trust, cooperation, clear communication and focus on your goals, are our guideline for your project’s success.


Confidentiality & Transparency






Project hours


from request to proposal

Payroll and T&A competencies

Payroll and T&A Strategy


What is your strategy? Make or buy, in- or outsource? Local, regional or global? Per business unit or central corporate? We support our customers’ goal and strategy definition for systems and providers globally.

System, Provider and Service Level


How to make the right choice? We help you with savings, automation, fewer errors, ad-hoc reports, performance control with our support. Based on your requirements and our RFP expertise.

Implementation and Integration Delivery

Implementation and Integration


Payroll and T&A setup is decisive to long-tail success. Let us help you to avoid pitfalls leading to roll-backs, repeated provider change, financial loss and organizational underperformance.

Payroll Interfaces

Payroll Interfaces


IInterfaces to HCM, pensions, treasury and accounting are critical – and of low interest if everything runs. But missing documentation and disappearing experts are major risks. Are you prepared to mitigate if required?




Harmonizing payroll and T&A – or just moving on to a better provider – is an important step towards an efficient company. Migration is a key success factor. We manage, minimize risk, protect resources, and co-ordinate providers.

Selected references

We were stuck in a large, time-critical migration and needed a quick fix. LKPU managed the turn-around with the right mix of project monitoring and implementation, empathy and focus on results, for a large team of internal and external stakeholders.

Steven van Tuijl

CEO of ADP Germany & Poland

We had significant challenges meeting the timeline and coordinating capacities within an externally scheduled system change, in payroll. This put the project's success in jeopardy. In addition to the management consulting, the support of LKPU at critical points of project and development management, requirements and test management, as well as the provider management, enabled our turnaround. We went live.

Johannes Claes

Head of Information and System Technology Second German Television

A portal for employee benefits was introduced during a critical phase in the implementation of our pay rate harmonization. LKPU supported the project management and service provider management and contributed to the successful start.

Martin Wolff

HR, Fiducia & GAD IT AG